Nissan wants to reduce manufacturing costs for LFP batteries

Nissan is said to be considering equipping electric cars produced for emerging markets with cheaper LFP cells from 2026. To this end, the Japanese company is currently sounding out partnerships with several battery manufacturers.

Image: Nissan

This was reported by the Japanese daily newspaper Nikkei Asia. According to the report, Nissan is currently developing LFP batteries mainly at its research and development centre in the Japanese city of Atsugi and is considering manufacturing them itself at its plant in Yokohama and other production facilities. According to the report, cooperations with several battery manufacturers are being examined for this purpose. Alternatively, external procurement of LFP cells is also possible.

Nissan is specifically aiming for LFP batteries, which are around 20 to 30 per cent cheaper to produce than lithium-ion batteries with NMC chemistry. They are “expected to be used in electric vehicles for emerging markets in 2026 or later”, according to the media report.

Nissan plans to sell a total of 27 electrified models by 2030, including hybrids as well as purely electric cars. Nissan wants to compensate for the shortfall in BEVs with the early commercialisation of vehicles with solid-state batteries. Nissan intends to bring these onto the market as early as the 2028 financial year.


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