Einride and Heineken to deliver beer emissions free

In the Netherlands, the Heineken brewery already has one or two electric trucks in operation, but primarily for local deliveries within cities. With the help of Swedish company Einride, five heavy-duty electric trucks are now being added to transport beer between the brewery in Den Bosch and the central warehouse in Duisburg.

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Specifically, Einride will deploy five Mercedes-Benz eActros 300s on behalf of Heineken, which will transport ten full truckloads a day. The daily mileage for each vehicle will be around 540 kilometres. Over the year, all five vehicles are expected to achieve CO2 savings of around 930 tons.

The 300 version of the heavy-duty e-truck from Daimler Truck has three battery packs, each with 105 kWh, i.e. 315 kWh in total. According to the German manufacturer, this should ensure a range of around 300 kilometres with an average load. The distance between the brewery in the Netherlands and the warehouse in Duisburg is exactly 135 kilometres. The trucks are loaded on the journey to Germany and empty on the way back – before embarking on the second tour of the day to reach the specified 540 kilometres. The five eActros 300s can be recharged as required at both locations – with “renewable energy”, as Heineken emphasizes.

However, the charging points are operated by partner Einride. The Swedish company’s offer is a Transport-as-a-Service (TaaS), in which Heineken does not pay for the purchase of the hardware or use of the software services, but for the transportation service. The Einride offer therefore includes the use of electric trucks powered by renewable energy, the installation of the charging infrastructure and the integration of the AI-controlled operating system Einride Saga, which controls the entire ecosystem. Einride is using Kempower products as the charging hardware for the Heineken order.

At its core, however, is the Saga software, which uses the data to optimize the routes with AI support in order to minimize energy consumption and closely monitor the reduction in emissions.

The five electric trucks between Den Bosch and Duisburg are just the beginning; the partnership will be extended to other countries in the near future. The companies have not yet specified how many countries and how many vehicles this will involve.

Einride has recently acquired some major customers. Einride is putting 300 electric trucks on the roads throughout Europe for the food company Mars and its transport offshoot Mars Logistics, starting with a route in Germany. In the Ludwigsburg area in Baden-Württemberg, the grocery chain Kaufland relies on Einride’s transport services with its electric trucks – the grocery chain Rewe is also already using seven eActros via the Swedish company. And it’s not the first beer transport for Einride either: in parts of Sweden, the Danish brewery Carlsberg has switched its logistics to Einride electric trucks – and in Belgium, Einride trucks are on the road for AB InBev. In the UK, Pepsi is using Einride’s electric trucks as well.

Electric beer transportation is not completely new territory for Heineken either: in the city centre of Amsterdam, a Fuso eCanter converted into a beer tanker truck supplies cafés with fresh beer.

“Decarbonization of logistics will play a key role in achieving Heineken’s net-zero commitments,” says Arjen van der Woude, HEINEKEN’s Director Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain. “At this stage, battery electric is one of the best-positioned technologies to decarbonize road freight. Einride has the knowledge, network and experience to offer long-term end-to-end electric freight capacity services at competitive conditions. Their capability to bind equipment manufacturers, transportation companies, carriers, drivers, and authorities together to smoothly organize logistics in critical parts of our network makes them a great partner.”

“As Heineken’s actions towards net-zero span across the entire value chain, we are happy to help them achieve this goal by joining forces on a cross-border electrification journey,” said Robert Ziegler, General Manager EMEA at Einride.



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