Carlsberg Sverige decarbonises deliveries with Einride

Einride has scored another big deal at home by expanding with the Carlsberg Group. The Danish brewery wants to electrify beverage deliveries in half of Sweden, and Einride expects to rack up nearly eight million kilometres with zero emissions.

To add perspective, that’s equivalent to taking 428 diesel cars, driving 200 kilometres a day for a year, off the road.

Adding up to these numbers will be the electrification of the entire beverage transport between Carlsberg Sverige’s brewery in Falkenberg, the water factory in Ramlösa and the transhipment terminals in Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg. Transportation from the packaging company Ball in Malmö, with aluminium cans to Falkenberg and Ramlösa, as well as deliveries from Ramlösa to Falkenberg and some direct distribution from Falkenberg to wholesale customers in Halmstad, is being electrified.

To manage all this, Einride will operate eight electric trucks with trailers, each able to carry 51 pallets for Carlsberg starting in autumn 2024.

The freight mobility company will also install strategic charging infrastructure, including at the brewery in Falkenberg and the water factory in Ramlösa. The trucks will recharge during loading and unloading.

As a fun fact, the trucks will be labelled as “100% Ölektrisk” – Öl is the Swedish word for beer but also German for oil.

It is also not the first time Einride and Carlsberg are working together in Sweden. Einride already helped Carlsberg Sverige electrify its heavy warehouse transportation in Halland in the autumn of last year.

“In the spring of 2023, we expanded the collaboration by adding another electric truck that runs daily between Falkenberg and Ramlösa,” explains Peter Hammarstedt, CEO of Carlsberg Sverige. “Now we are taking the next step by making a big investment in a sustainable transport solution for the southern and western parts of Sweden, which will significantly contribute to a reduction of our carbon footprint and push our progress towards a net Zero value chain.”

Since the transition to electric transport, Carlsberg Sverige has succeeded in reducing transport emissions by up to 95% compared to routes previously run on diesel, so Einride.

As with other clients, Einride manages the operations on the Saga platform, an intelligent operating system for electric vehicle fleets. The portfolio also includes Einride’s own autonomous vehicle, Gen 2, a connected electric truck and charging stations.

Other than that, Einride relies on various manufacturers to offer EV transport services. For example, the company ordered 120 eActros from Mercedes-Benz in 2021 or 200 e-trucks from BYD in February 2022, followed by Scania e-trucks in June last year, and placed an order with DAF in 2023.

Carlsberg and Einride have yet to disclose which trucks they will deploy in Sweden.

In its own operations in Switzerland, Carlsberg has relied on Renault electric trucks to make deliveries for Feldschlösschen since 2020.

Einride runs zero-emission freight operations in the Nordics, Germany, the UK and most recently, the UAE, among other regions.

The Swedish company ultimately aims to deploy driverless commercial vehicles and already has a corresponding concept vehicle called T-Pod.


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