Ford launches deliveries of the F-150 in Europe

Ford has started deliveries of its F-150 Lightning in Europe. The first deliveries of the all-electric pickup truck to European customers took place in Norway.

Image: Ford

At least that’s what Ford CEO Jim Farley announced in a social media post. “Exciting to see our @Ford customers in Norway begin receiving their #F150Lightning deliveries. Congrats to Dag and Angela. Hope your new F-150 Lightning serves you well! @Ford_Norge,” Farley replied to a tweet from Per Gunnar Berg, Managing Director of Ford in Norway.

At least that is the company’s official statement. Owners of the F-150 Lightning from Switzerland who had already received their vehicle in recent weeks had already posted in Facebook groups. Either way, the Fods electric pickup from US production is now also on the road in Europe.

Ford announced in April 2023 that the electric version of the F-150 would be officially imported to Europe – at least for Norway. Unlike the combustion engine versions, which are only on the road in Europe as in-house imports (or commercial imports on a small scale), the F-150 Lightning will be offered directly by Ford. Ford decided to bring the 5.91-metre-long pickup to Norway due to “overwhelming demand”, according to information at the time. In autumn 2023, it was then announced that the F-150 Lightning could also be officially purchased in limited numbers in Switzerland.


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