Warburtons puts four new electric trucks from Renault on the road

Following the successful deployment of a first electric lorry in Enfield, Warburtons, a British bakery brand, has added four more E-Tech D16s from Renault Trucks to its fleet. Two new electric vans are now also being used.

Image: Renault Trucks

One of the new electric trucks joins the Renault lorry already stationed in the London borough of Enfield. The other three electric trucks are destined for use in Bellshill near Glasgow, Bristol and Bolton. The two Master E-Tech trucks will be used by the bakery brand in Enfield and Bristol.

All four new electric trucks, which were supplied by Renault Trucks dealer JDS Trucks & Vans, are E-Tech D16 4×2s with box bodies from Fosters Commercials and tail lifts from Dhollandia. Each vehicle is powered by an electric motor with a maximum output of 185 kW (130 kW continuous output). The necessary energy is supplied by a battery pack with 265 kWh.

Renault Trucks offers the E-Tech D with 200 to 565 kWh. The largest battery should be sufficient for a range of up to 560 kilometres. It is not clear from the press release how far the vehicles configured by Warburtons can travel on a single charge. However, Steven Gray, Head of Transport at Warburtons, says that the electric trucks would be ideal for delivering products to shops, as most routes are shorter than 100 miles (around 160 kilometres).

The vehicles leave the depot at 4 a.m. and return at midday. The long dwell times at the base should be ideal for charging at the 22 kW charging points (AC) installed by EO Charging. Although the electric trucks can also be charged at DC charging stations with up to 150 kW, Warburtons has obviously dispensed with the corresponding HPC infrastructure. The company is not providing details on the configuration of the two Master E-Tech electric transporters.

The investment in the new e-trucks was made primarily because the first electric 16-tonne truck gave the company the necessary confidence in the technology. Careful planning of the first vehicle and route analyses contributed to this. And finally, it was also the positive feedback from the drivers, who had already overcome their range anxiety after a short time.


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