Vauxhall introduces the Corsa Electric #YES entry-level variant in the UK

Vauxhall is offering a special model of its Corsa Electric in the UK for a limited time at a significantly reduced price. The Corsa Electric #YES in GS design with a special paint finish and a contrasting black roof starts at £26,895.

Image: Vauxhall

Vauxhall has revealed the special edition Corsa Electric #YES. The electric Corsa variant is characterized by “sporty styling and an exclusive Record Red paint finish. While the vehicle looks fast with the GS design, it still runs on the familiar 100kW electric drive system coupled with a 50 kWh battery. The Corsa Electric YES Edition starts at £26,895, which effectively lowers the entry point to the Corsa Electric line-up by £5,550.

The range for the Corsa Electric #YES edition remains the same as the base model with up to 221 miles, according to WLTP (about 357 kilometres). The battery can be charged from 0-80 per cent in about 30 minutes on a 100 kW rapid charger. There is also a Corsa with a range over 400 km, with the Corsa Electric GS Long Range, but that starts at €38,045 in Germany.

“With the Corsa Electric YES Edition, we are bringing our successful ‘Yes, of Corsa’ campaign to the roads, offering an accessible new version of Corsa Electric with sporty GS styling,” said James Taylor, Managing Director of Vauxhall, adding: “Vauxhall is committed to democratising access to electric vehicles, by offering an electric version of every car and van we offer by the end of this year and through initiatives like our Electric Streets of Britain campaign to improve the UK’s on-street residential charging infrastructure.”

Vauxhall also points to a new partnership with Tesco, which allows “new Vauxhall electric vehicle customers also benefit from one year’s free charging credit at stores across the country.” This was also offered coupled with the purchase of a Mokka Electric, and Astra Electric. The UK order books for the new Mokka Electric Long Range opened in mid-January.

In Germany, Opel presented the model last week, where it similarly launched at a more affordable price than the base model, with €29,990. The Corsa Electric base model was also only introduced about a year ago in the UK.


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