US logistics company IMC puts 50 Nikola Tre on the road

US logistics company IMC has ordered 50 fuel cell trucks from Nikola. The first ten units have already been delivered. The procurement is based on a strategic agreement signed at the beginning of 2023.

Image: Nikola Motors

IMC Logistics describes itself as the largest provider of sea freight transport in the US and says it has a large fleet of trucks and a dense network of depots and handling locations for overland transport. IMC has started to electrify its fleet, adding battery-powered trucks from Volvo Trucks. However, the company does not specify the exact number.

Hydrogen trucks will now follow. IMC ordered a total of 50 units from Nikola some time ago. Ten were handed over in the fourth quarter of 2023, with ten more to follow this month. Delivery of the remaining 30 FCEVs is planned by the end of 2024. Tom’s Truck Centres acted as the dealer.

IMC Pacific Region President, Jim Gillis, said: “At IMC, we believe in the power of sustainable drayage to drive positive change for the environment. Our blended approach to investing in both electric and hydrogen gives us the best of both technologies. We’re proud to lead the charge in sustainable drayage solutions.”

Nikola is proud to be at the forefront of sustainable transportation alongside IMC,” says Nikola President and CEO Steve Girsky. “Their vision to transition their fleet to zero-emissions is a testament to their leadership in the drayage sector and sets a high standard for the industry. We’re honoured to be aligned with them as we all work to decarbonize the industry.”

Nikola has been relatively quiet of late. In August 2023, the company had to recall all 209 battery-electric trucks delivered to date and stop the sale of further units until further notice. The recall was prompted by fires involving BEV trucks at the company’s headquarters in June and August. The recall did not affect the company’s fuel cell trucks because, according to Nikola, they have different batteries.

Nikola once started as a US startup with the vision of a hydrogen truck but later added battery-electric trucks to its range for the transition. In May 2023, then Nikola CEO Michael Lohscheller shifted the strategic focus back to H2 models. Since last summer, new BEV trucks have only been produced to order, as the market interest in FCEV trucks was significantly greater, according to the company. However, Lohscheller stepped down as CEO at the beginning of August 2023 for family reasons. Steve Girsky is now the fourth Nikola CEO in four years.,

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about „US logistics company IMC puts 50 Nikola Tre on the road“
Dairo Alberto
11.03.2024 um 19:22
Que gran noticia . Vamos a ver si Nikola puede con este reto. Gran oportunidad para los inversionistas

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