Skoda’s small electric SUV is called the Epiq

On the sidelines of the presentation of its annual figures, Skoda gave a preview of the announced entry-level electric SUV for 25,000 euros. The Skoda offshoot of the VW ID.2 X is called the Epiq and further develops the current Skoda design language.

Image: Skoda

Skoda announced in advance that it would lift the veil on another electric SUV on 15 March. Many observers were thus expecting the premiere of the Skoda Elroq, which will be positioned slightly below the well-known MEB model Enyaq. However, the Czechs presented the Epiq as a preview of the upcoming small SUV.

The design study of the Epiq is 4.10 metres long, and the series version will probably be presented under the same name in 2025. With its compact exterior dimensions, Skoda emphasises a “spacious interior and up to 490 litres of luggage capacity.” However, Skoda is still holding back on technical data for the small five-seater – in addition to the exterior length and boot volume, only a range of more than 400 kilometres is mentioned.

The technology will come from the VW ID.2, which is being developed based on the latest evolutionary stage of the modular electric drive platform (MEB). Among other things, it includes the switch to front-wheel drive. In the ID.2all study, VW had promised an output of 166 kW and a range of up to 450 kilometres. If the flatter small car achieves 450 kilometres, “over 400 kilometres” seems realistic for a higher SUV.

However, it is also clear that neither VW nor Skoda will probably offer 400 kilometres for the aforementioned 25,000 euros. That is because it had previously been leaked that the 450-kilometre version of the VW concept will likely have a 60 kWh NMC battery. The affordable base model will be equipped with an unspecified LFP battery – the energy content is speculated to be around 40 kWh. That will also likely apply to the Epiq.

While the production version of the VW ID.2 small car will be manufactured alongside the Cupra Raval at the Seat plant in Martorell, the small car SUV will be produced at the Spanish VW plant in Pamplona. The crossover version of the ID.2 will probably be built there under the name ID.2 X – and a previously nameless Skoda model, the Epiq. However, we still have to wait for confirmed technical data for all models.

The model’s new look deviates from the current, still strongly combustion-influenced design language of the Skoda Enyaq with its large radiator grille. “It fully incorporates the powerful new Modern Solid design language – inside and out,” says Skoda. “Our new design language – Modern Solid – represents the next level of modernity. Smart functionality and practicality are harmoniously balanced by attractive new looks and our sustainability approach. The Škoda Epiq design study perfectly embodies all the key attributes of the new design language,” says Oliver Stefani, Head of Skoda Design.

The ‘sculptural bonnet’ in the front features Skoda lettering instead of the brand logo. “Its Tech-Deck Face in glossy black is a modern reinterpretation of the familiar Škoda grille and houses electrical devices like the distance radar and the front camera. The Tech-Deck Face is flanked by bifunctional, T-shaped LED elements for the daytime running lights and indicators. The front headlamps are in a lower, secondary position,” it says. There is also talk of a “robust front bumper” and a “striking spoiler.”

“The coming Škoda Epiq will package a lot of car for an attractive price and a big interior with a compact size. Our customers want choices, which is why we are expanding our growing e-mobility portfolio into this popular segment,” says Skoda CEO Klaus Zellmer. “I hope these first design teasers demonstrate that the Epiq will shine because of its modern design, everyday range and user-friendly technologies – all of it affordable.”


about „Skoda’s small electric SUV is called the Epiq“
16.03.2024 um 16:33
I see Skoda/VW Group beat Cadillac/GM to this -iq name. Would have been perfect for a small crossover below the upcoming Optiq as a replacement for their XT4.
Brian Wright
18.03.2024 um 08:01
The front of the epic looks bloody awful a brick wall!!! Not very pleasing at all
Capt. USA
23.03.2024 um 20:26
Not available in North America. Sigh....
Steve Bowles
04.04.2024 um 17:19
The Epiq looks like a winner in the small electric suv class. I love the overall look but you need to redesign the 8 holes in the front and rear of the car which really spoils it.

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