New Citroën ë-Berlingo starts at 37,990 pounds

Citroën has opened the order books for the New ë-Berlingo in the UK. The new edition of the electric panel van Citroën New ë-Berlingo Plus (length M) is available from £37,990.

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As reported at the end of last year, the New ë-Berlingo is fitted with an LFP battery with a usable energy content of 50 kWh. Only around 45 kWh of the “old” 50 kWh battery was usable, which was enough for a WLTP range of 270 kilometres at the time.

With the new battery and the heat pump, which will also be standard in the future, up to 345 kilometres are possible in the standard test. At the presentation, there was still talk of up to 320 kilometres; in the final homologation tests, 345 kilometres were apparently achieved. That is, at least, according to the German version of the press release. In the UK version, there is still talk of 205 miles – which is about 320 kilometres.

The exact DC charging power of the new LFP battery is not specified by the French, but it will be a maximum of 100 kW. The press release states that it takes 30 minutes to charge the battery from zero to 80 per cent “using a 100kW DC rapid charger.” Previously, this time window applied to charging from ten to 80 per cent. However, it remains to be seen how the LFP battery will behave at low temperatures in winter. Citroën does not mention of battery preconditioning in the press release. The route is planned on the smartphone via the e-Routes app, so automatic preconditioning during scheduled fast-charging stops does not appear to be possible. LFP batteries are considered to be sensitive to low temperatures, and charging performance can drop noticeably.

In Germany, the New ë-Berlingo is equipped ex works with the three-phase 11 kW onboard charger, which will be able to complete a full charge in around five hours. In other countries, such as the UK, only 7.4 kW is available as standard. But the 11 kW three-phase charger will likely be available as an option. While Citroën does not specifically state this in its press release, the New ë-SpaceTourer also comes with a 7.4kW onboard charger as standard and an optional 11kW three-phase charger.

The revised model also features “Citroën Advanced Comfort Seats” in the front, with three individual seats in the second row of the M model.

Even with the technical revision and the bodywork update to the current design language, the ë-Berlingo is still available in two body lengths M (4.41 m in length) and XL (4.75 m in length), with the latter offering two additional optional seats in row 3. When the front passenger seat is folded down, the floor is completely flat and the loading length is extended to 2.70 m in the M version and 3.05 m in the XL version – ideal for transporting long items. In the M length, the boot has a capacity of 775 litres up to the parcel shelf. If all rear seats are removed in the XL model and the boot is loaded to roof height, the ë-Berlingo can hold up to 4,000 litres.

That is at least according to the German version of the press release. The UK version states: “New ë-Berlingo offers 27 different storage compartments, resulting in 186 litres of practical storage space.” The New Citroën ë-Berlingo Van is manufactured at Ellesmere Port, the UK’s first EV-only volume manufacturing plant.

Citroen also announces the New ë-SpaceTourer in the same press release. It, too, is available in two body lengths (M – 4.98 m and XL – 5.33 m), and can seat up to nine people. “Private customers can choose between five, seven and eight-seater versions, while professional customers will find a solution that can be customised to suit their needs and carry from five to nine occupants, including the VIP Seating pack that features a reversible second row and seating up to seven people.” It starts at £37,990.

The electric van is available in two trim levels, YOU! and MAX, both available with a 50 (46.3kWh useable)or a 75 kWh (68kWh useable) battery. The maximum WLTP range is given at 217 miles (349 kilometres).

Moreover, the French carmaker has opened order books for the new electric version of the New ë-Dispatch and the ë-Relay. The former will be produced in limited numbers at Luton alongside the combustion engine version starting in 2025. It is “available in two lengths, M (4.98m) and L (5.33 m), and in several body styles including as a panel van, and a five or six-seater extended cab.” It has a 75-kWh battery and also up to 217 miles of range, according to WTLP. (ë-Berlingo and ë-SpaceTourer), (ë-Dispatch and ë-Relay)


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