Farasis and FAW join forces on commercial vehicle batteries

The Chinese battery manufacturer Farasis Energy has entered into a strategic partnership with FAW Jiefang, the commercial vehicle division of the Chinese FAW Group. The agreement involves different vehicle classes and battery types - including solid-state cells.

Image: Farasis Energy

Farasis and FAW want to work closely together on projects for semi-solid-state and solid-state batteries for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, as well as specific scenarios such as long-distance transportation, urban logistics and municipal technology. The partnership has only just been announced, but the deal itself was apparently concluded on 1 March in Changchun.

Farasis says the cooperation will enable both companies to lead in the commercial vehicle sector, supporting Farasis Energy’s plans for market expansion and growth, as well as the accelerated application of semi-solid-state and solid-state batteries for the electrification of commercial vehicles. The partnership does not appear to be limited to China, as both companies want to “jointly contribute to global green mobility and sustainable development,” according to a statement from Farasis.

Farasis is known for its pouch cells and focuses on the development of what it calls “high-performance battery technology”. The company, which was once founded in California, operates development centres in China, Germany and the USA. Farasis currently produces its cells in two Chinese plants in Ganzhou and Zhenjiang. Farasis is also involved in the joint venture Siro with the Turkish car manufacturer Togg. Battery modules and packs are already being assembled at the battery plant in Gemlik, Turkey, and cells are to be produced there at a later date.

The FAW cooperation is now set to develop what it says will be “future-oriented vehicles” – although no specific models have yet been announced. “FAW Jiefang will fully support Farasis Energy with its rich experience in vehicle integration, manufacturing and market channels to provide strong support for the cooperation project,” says Ji Yizhi, Deputy General Manager of FAW Jiefang.

Chen Binbo, General Manager of Farasis Energy, added: “Farasis Energy focuses on product and technical advantages. We will provide FAW Jiefang with high-quality products with market competitiveness, accelerate technological innovation in the field of new energy vehicles, verify products with the market and lead the new energy transformation.”



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