Scania expands its electric truck lineup

Scania has presented new solutions for its BEV trucks, including two new electric machines and 6x4 axle configurations. According to Scania, the batteries last for 1.3 million kilometres or the life of the truck.

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Initially, Scania only electrified its most common truck variants. Now the range is being expanded to make the “electrification of many different applications not only possible but relevant and ideal”, as the Swedish Traton brand states in its press release.

One new addition is the EM C1-2 electric machine in two versions, each with 210 or 240 kW. According to Scania, these are “ideally suited to certain construction-orientated applications” in municipal fleets. The EM C1-2 is slightly shorter than the previously used e-drives, which should create space for batteries and/or equipment such as support legs. This makes the vehicle ideal for use in urban environments, from distribution transport to municipal operations. For a typical distribution lorry, the designation would be Scania 24 P (if it is the 240 kW version). Such a vehicle can be seen in the picture in the article.

“It is the 9-litre engine equivalent if I were to do a diesel comparison,” says Fredrik Allard, Senior Vice President and Head of E-Mobility at Scania. “It’s the kind of electric machine that fits in an endless number of operations by being light and flexible, yet also powerful. It has one single permanent magnet, two gears and is really ‘torquey’ for its size. It offers driveability and the smoothness that drivers have come to expect from electric powertrains.”

A new tandem bogie axle for BEVs means that tippers, hooklifts, concrete mixers and a range of other rigid applications can be combined “specified without having to sacrifice traction or load-carrying capacity,” Scania wrote. PTO (power take-out) solutions are also new. According to Scania, it has added “a number of different PTO solutions.”

When it comes to batteries, Scania relies on prismatic cells, which were developed together with Northvolt specifically for use in electric trucks. These are said to be characterised by their long service life, with the manufacturer now quoting 1.3 million kilometres. The cells supplied are assembled by Scania itself in Södertälje into battery packs with a capacity of 416 or 624 kWh.

“With our continuous launches, we are creating more and more customer benefits and specification options,” says Allard. “And customers are rewarding us with increased interest as it now becomes clear how well these trucks work and behave in real-world use and how much they are appreciated by drivers. We keep hearing stories from drivers who were initially sceptical but then fell in love with their electric truck.”


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