Dogs-body gets a car

April Fools Day brought out a number of references to electric vehicles this year. It seems carmakers have a thing about dogs.

Image: Nissan

This year, car manufacturers were particularly taken with dogs on April Fools Day. Hyundai posted a mobility concept called “Dogbility” showcasing a car for dogs, Mercedes-Benz with the “Bark Assist” voice assistant and Nissan with a self-driving car for dogs, which was pretty cute, it must be said. This concept includes “paw print recognition”.

A Mercedes fan posted an ad for an electric single-seater from Mercedes-Benz saying that the German luxury carmaker was finally addressing the issue of oversized cars, clogging city streets and using up far more energy than necessary to transport one person – the answer – a one-sear car that looks a bit like an egg.

Carscoops makes a joke about Rimac making a car that would be usable for your average motorist with the engine of one of their hypercars, while another post suggests an overhead line for new cycle paths to increase the range of e-bikes. One reader commented that the lead to the overhead line would also stop the bike from falling over for unsteady riders…


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