StoreDot achieves 2,000 fast-charging cycles with XFC cells

Israeli battery developer StoreDot has completed over 2,000 consecutive charging cycles with its fast-charging XFC battery cells, which retained more than 80 per cent of their original capacity. The cells were charged consecutively from ten to 80 per cent SoC in 10 minutes.

Image: StoreDot

After these 2,000 charging and discharging processes, the cell still had over 80 per cent of its original capacity, according to StoreDot. Fast charging within ten minutes corresponded to a charging rate of 4.2C. “This means EV drivers can fast charge their cars in minutes every day, without worrying about the health of their battery,” the company says.

For an electric car battery with 75 kWh and a consumption of 14 kWh/100 km, the 2,000 cycles should correspond to a driving distance of 650,000 kilometres. If the results from the laboratory can be applied directly to the road, this technology would probably achieve the service life of most private cars without any problems. StoreDot also believes it is well equipped for “current and upcoming EV durability regulations.” The impending Euro 7 regulations in the EU stipulate, for example, that the storage capacity of batteries must not fall below 80 per cent of the original value after five years or 100,000 kilometres – after eight years or 160,000 kilometres, the limit is 70 per cent.

StoreDot does not provide any information on calendar ageing, but at 650,000 kilometres with 80 per cent remaining capacity, the EU requirement should be easily met. “These results leave margins for other ageing factors in the real world, translating to longevity and extended battery life, offering EV owners with a high market value,” StoreDot writes.

In March 2022, StoreDot announced that it had achieved 1250 cycles with smaller cells. The cell that has now reached 2,000 cycles is an advanced 30 AH cell. According to StoreDot, this cell generation has already been delivered to over 15 car manufacturers for testing.

“Surpassing 2,000 cycles with our extreme fast charging cells solidifies StoreDot’s position at the forefront of battery technology innovation for electric vehicles. This milestone achievement validates the exceptional long-term performance and reliability of our silicon-dominant XFC batteries as we rapidly progress toward commercialization,” says Yaron Fein, StoreDot Executive Vice President R&D. “StoreDot continues to set the pace, consistently meeting our milestones and delivering on the promise of providing car manufacturers with a reliable, proven extreme fast charging solution aligned with their zero-emission goals and timeline.”

Together with production partner and licensee Eve Energy, StoreDot plans to launch XFC cells on the market this year. These cells can recharge electricity for 100 miles (approx. 161 kilometres) in five minutes. The next generation is planned for 2026, which will only need four minutes to do this, before reaching three minutes in 2028. Incidentally, StoreDot announced in February that it had achieved 1,100 cycles for the “100in4” technology.


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