New investment company finances company chargers in France

A new joint venture in France will help finance the deployment of almost 10,000 charging points for companies. The new company is backed by charging infrastructure operator Bump Charge and the Banque des Territoires.

Image: Bump Charge

The partners want to set up an investment company with a budget of 100 million euros to support companies in the transition to electric vehicles. The joint venture aims to finance the installation of charging stations on company premises, with the respective companies only paying for their use.

The logistics company DPD and the retail chains U and Monoprix are among the first customers. Bump charging stations will now be installed on their premises. “This collaboration with the Caisse des Depots represents a significant advance in our mission to assist companies in sustainable transitions of their fleets of professional vehicles,” Bump’s chief executive Francois Oudot said. The French state bank Caisse des Depots is the parent company of Banque des Territoires.

An investment partnership was also recently announced for public DC charging stations in France: the French energy group EDF is cooperating with the infrastructure investor Morrison to invest up to 450 million euros in setting up almost 8,000 HPC charging points in France by 2030 via a joint financing platform.


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