Smart develops new electric two-seater called #2

The rumour mill had been turning for quite some time, but the plans for a successor to the Fortwo from Smart had yet to be confirmed - at least until now. Europe CEO Dirk Adelmann announced that the company is developing a new platform for such a small car.

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Following the end of production of the electric Fortwo, Smart has begun developing a successor based on a new platform called Electric Compact Architecture (ECA), Dirk Adelmann, CEO of Smart Europe, said in an interview with Automotive News Europe. However, the manager did not reveal when such a model could launch.

The major challenge with the project – as with other small electric cars – is cost. Although the joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Geely has already designed and developed a new platform, other fundamental questions still need to be addressed. Smart is still looking for partners to share the costs so that the Fortwo successor, the Smart #2, can actually hit the road.

“Two months ago, we began working on a new, dedicated platform to underpin a future Smart two-seat city car, but we need partners to make its business case feasible,” Adelman said.

Renault will probably not be a partner again

To keep costs as low as possible, Smart has already looked for suitable platforms within the Group that could have been shortened to 2.70 to 2.80 metres for an electric two-seater. At the same time, such a vehicle would have had to offer a premium feel and meet high safety standards. Talks with other car manufacturers, including Renault and Chinese manufacturers, apparently failed to produce any results. The negotiations with Renault are particularly interesting, as the French are not only developing a new small electric car themselves, the Twingo, but were also partners in the third Smart generation – the Smart Forfour and the current Twingo were built in the same factory.

“We want to stick to four- or five-star crash test rating on the Euro NCAP, to ADAS functionalities like in our #1 and #3, to have a decent range,” Adelmann said. “Definitely we have to develop a platform, because unfortunately it does not exist yet.” Should the EV be approved for production, it would be a Smart-owned platform.

The potential for such a model is there, said Adelmann, citing retailers and customers. They are looking for a model that combines the dimensions and manoeuvrability of the old Fortwo with an electric drive and state-of-the-art connectivity. However, Adelmann did not want to comment on the quantities involved. With his remark that the vehicle will be designed to offer a “premium feel,” it seems clear that the Smart #2 will not (only) be sold because of its price.

Only one thing is clear: Smart has skipped the 2 in its current models, #1 and #3, to keep open the possibility of a Fortwo successor with this code number – the model will likely launch under this name. When Smart announced the SUV Coupé #3 as a complementary model to the electric SUV #1, there were speculations that the #2 was skipped, as “Number Two” is also used in other contexts in the English-speaking world.


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Gary Battell
09.04.2024 um 23:55
Brilliant news. I want an EV smart 2-door of high quality with a range of 250 miles & quick charge. Many urban people do not have access to chargers, so this range will mean in most situations people will charge every 3-4 weeks with ability to make longer journeys. We have had 3 Smart four twos.
Gary Morton
10.04.2024 um 02:02
I loved my Smart ForTwo and then my Smart ForTwo Cabrio with only 45k miles, but the fear of EVER needing service and my not being mechanically inclined, made me finally trade it in. I wish Smart would come back to the USA because I would have my third FOR SURE.
Albert Baah
10.04.2024 um 09:55
I have a lot of admiration for the 2008 Smart for two. I drive my car with pride. I have other cars,but is my go to car.
Pieter Feld
10.04.2024 um 13:53
Can’t wait, still loving my fortwo 451 cabrio. Pease make a cabrio. Love its ’one box’ design more than the later version. Oh and European manufacturer
David Pepperdine
10.04.2024 um 15:25
I have owned 2 Toyota IQ 's but they were petrol. I wish they had developed the IQEV, but backwards thinking Toyoda thought different. I look forward to a Smart 4#2. EV.
Carol E. Sapienza
10.04.2024 um 17:56
Thrilled that they’re working on an EV Fortwo model for Smart. I’m still loving my 2009 Smart girl who is in great shape for a 14.5-year-old with 63k miles. The only thing is, will the new EV be flat towable like ours is? I’ve heard not, because EV’s can’t be put in N for towing purposes…not sure if that’s true for all vehicles. I do love Smart, though!
10.04.2024 um 20:01
Just recently purchased my Fortwo 2013 Smart car and I am truly enjoying it. I am definitely interested in an eletric or hybrid version.
Michele Glenn
10.04.2024 um 23:48
I love my 2009 ForTwo I am.still driving it looks great my driver seat is a little rough. I am.looking for a pre-owned Smart Electric and would definitely buy a new Smart.The car paid for itself.
David Alan King
11.04.2024 um 02:14
I own a Smart Roadster and it's been a long time friend never let me down
Don Garland
11.04.2024 um 09:21
It’s going to be a long time before 47mpg is achieved in an equivalent electric version of 451 Snart variant. Even using 98/99 octane fuel it’s about £0.14ppm . So, my question is given our UK infrastructure can’t cope with a million electric cars being charged . Hydrogen or fuel cell vehicles are the way forward. If you can limit the weight to 870kg’s of the vehicle and seek at least 260 miles range then I would by one but I can see this being achieved by say 2027? We will see!
15.04.2024 um 15:47
If they could use the body of the 451 with new battery technology and a simple screen dash board like teh A class it woudl be a winner

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