GAC to launch electric cars with solid-state batteries in 2026

The Chinese car manufacturer GAC has unveiled a solid-state battery technology that should be ready for use in just two years. The company plans to first use it in series production vehicles of the Hyper brand from GAC Aion from 2026.

Image: GAC Aion

According to the company, the pure solid-state batteries from GAC offer an energy density of around 400 Wh/kg and should enable electric cars to achieve ranges of over 1,000 kilometres according to Chinese standards. According to Chinese media reports, the manufacturer announced this recently at a technology day it organised itself.

The development of a solid-state battery is as difficult as climbing Mount Everest and requires breakthroughs in materials, design, production and integration, according to one of the company’s statements. According to GAC, the battery has already moved from the laboratory to mass production.

The new solid-state batteries will be initially used in vehicles of the premium brand Hyper, which was launched in September 2022. The Hyper SSR and Hyper GT models have already been launched under this new brand – both are based on the company’s 900-volt AEP 3.0 platform.

Hyper is intended to produce innovative high-end vehicles, which is why GAC is cooperating with the China National Space Administration and operating its own research facility called the Hyper Scientific Research Laboratory. The aim is to make progress in the fields of aerodynamics, innovative materials and AI control, among others, according to the presentation of the new premium brand in 2022.

Solid-state batteries are now also part of the brand’s innovation focus. Other Chinese manufacturers are also working on integrating such batteries into their series models. For example, IM Motors, the electric car division of SAIC Motor. It recently presented its new IM L6 electric saloon and announced that the top version of the model would be equipped with solid-state batteries. On the supplier side, for example, Talent New Energy recently presented a prototype solid-state battery cell with 120 Ah, which would theoretically allow for a range around 2,000 km.

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