Mercedes offers eSprinter with smaller battery in the US

Mercedes now offers an 81-kWh battery option for its 2025 eSprinter in the US. The latter will be available in the second half of the year from 61,250 dollars.

Image: Mercedes-Benz

The electric transporter has been available with a 113-kWh battery until now. The model also comes with a 170-inch (4.3 metre) wheelbase and high roof combination. According to the press release, “Mercedes-Benz eSprinter customers in North America can now opt for an 81 kWh battery variant with different wheelbases and roof heights.”

Mercedes specifies that all variants have a permissible gross vehicle weight of up to 9,370 pounds (4.25 tonnes). To get the maximum payload of up to 3,516 pounds (about 1.6 tonnes), customers can opt for a 144-inch (3.65 metres) wheelbase, the standard roof and the smaller battery. It offers up to 319 cubic feet (9 cubic metres) of cargo volume. To maximise the latter, the eSprinter can be ordered with the longer 170-inch wheelbase, the high roof, and the smaller battery. In that case, the vehicle allows for a total volume of 488 cubic feet (14 cubic metres) and a payload of up to 3,120 pounds (1.4 tonnes) – ” almost 500 lbs. more payload potential compared to the same configuration with the 113 kWh battery.”

The eSprinter variant with an 81 kWh battery has a range of about 204 miles (329 kilometres). However, these “figures are provisional and were determined internally in accordance with the ‘WLTP test procedure’ certification method.” Fitted with a 113 kWh battery, the electric transporter can go about 297 miles (478 kilometres) on one charge, according to WTLP.

Both versions are available with an electric motor with 100 kW and a 115 kW peak power and can charge with up to 115 kW. Mercedes states that “Fast charging with up to 115 kilowatts from 10 to 80 per cent of full capacity can be achieved in just over 30 minutes.”

Mercedes launched the eSprinter in the US in February, initially only with the 113-kWh battery and a price tag of 71,866 dollars. In Europe, the eSprinter is also available with a 56-kWh battery and it is not yet clear if the latter will also be made available in the US.

“Daily delivery vehicles generally follow a fixed predictable route that is usually under 150 miles – making the eSprinter the perfect solution for last-mile-deliveries,” says Iain Forsyth, Director of Product Management and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Vans USA. “However, businesses have different needs when it comes to range, cargo volume and payload. It’s important to us to expand our product mix and provide options that tailor to their specific commercial purpose.”


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