Mahle develops fastest battery diagnostic tool on the market

Mahle Aftermarket has presented its new 'E-Health Charge' battery diagnostics solution. The system provides information on the state and performance of the high-voltage battery in electric cars. The measurement takes up to 15 minutes. According to the company, this makes it currently the fastest static battery diagnosis on the market.

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“The demands on workshops are becoming more diverse. Battery electric drives, hybrids, internal combustion engines and hydrogen drives will form the drive mix of the future. With this newest addition to our BatteryPRO product line, E-HEALTH Charge, we are equipping independent workshops for the future and positioning ourselves even stronger as their partner,” explained Philipp Grosse Kleimann, member of the Mahle Group Management Board and Head of the Aftermarket division.

With the new solution, the service and spare parts division of the globally active automotive supplier Mahle is creating more transparency for battery quality and vehicle value for testing companies, fleet operators and workshops. This is because the biggest cost factor for electric vehicles is the high-voltage battery, whose life expectancy is influenced by numerous external factors and was not transparent in the past. Thanks to E-Health Charge, this valuable information is now accessible to everyone.

The diagnostic system consists of the E-Charge 20 battery charger and the E-Health app and combines charging and battery diagnostics in a single operation. The application is vehicle- and manufacturer-independent. Thanks to the automated process, no prior knowledge is required on the part of the service team.

“With our battery diagnosis solution E-HEALTH Charge, we are pushing the boundaries of battery diagnostics and helping workshops to secure additional business volume beyond the internal combustion engine,” says Georges Mourad, Director Global Service Solutions at Mahle Aftermarket.

According to Mahle, the E-Charge 20 battery charger is an integrated function of the E-Health Charge system. It has an output of 20 kW and can also be used as a pure charger for fully electric vehicles, regardless of the diagnostics. Mahle is already supplying it in Italy, Portugal, Serbia and Poland. Germany and the Netherlands will be the next markets to follow.

Thanks to the E-Health Charge battery diagnostics, mechanics can quickly and easily determine the “state of health” of the high-voltage battery with little effort. The diagnosis is carried out on a stationary vehicle. The high-voltage battery is charged at the same time.

Mahle Aftermarket works together with battery specialist Volytica Diagnostics to analyse the data collected by the charger and the OBD interface. It analyses the data in a secure cloud, classifies it in relation to previously recorded batteries of the same type and compares it with the original capacity of the vehicle model.

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16.05.2024 um 14:19
I would love to have the Mahle Aftermarket 'E-Health Charge' battery diagnostics solution test the battery in my 2017 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron, which has declined to Uber 15 miles of range after hitting 20-22 miles when new. We only have 22K miles on the PHEV, too, and Audi has done little to truly test our pack.

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