First DHL EV Center of Excellence opened in China

Logistics provider DHL Group opened an EV Center of Excellence in Shanghai, the company’s first such establishment in China. These are not about delivery with electric vehicles, but about transport services for goods such as batteries.

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Storing and distributing high-voltage batteries is pivotal to the world’s transition to EVs and these are not easy tasks. Supplying EVs and EV components poses various logistical complexities, and that’s where the DHL EV Center of Excellence comes in. Consider batteries, for instance, which are classified as dangerous goods and have to adhere to strict safety and regulatory requirements. They also happen to be the costliest component of an EV.

The Shanghai EV Center of Excellence provides Chinese suppliers with end-to-end logistics solutions for both EV batteries and fully assembled electric vehicles. It can arrange domestic pickup for export to/from various locations. It takes care of warehousing, exporting via multiple international modes with end-to-end temperature and humidity monitoring, customs clearance, and last-mile delivery, giving suppliers and customers, including importers, complete peace of mind.

In 2023, more than half of the EVs on the roads globally came from China. As the world’s largest global electric vehicle market, the country houses six of the top ten electric vehicle battery manufacturers. It supplies nearly 60 per cent of the world’s battery cells, which makes it a key player in the EV industry globally. The Shanghai EV Center of Excellence helps companies with end-to-end logistics for electric motors, charging infrastructure, and many other EV products as well.

DHL Global Forwarding’s network, comprising 35 branches across China, supports the operations of the Shanghai EV Center of Excellence. The network also includes more than 50 warehouses and cross-dock facilities as well. Lastly, it has an eco-friendly fleet consisting of 250+ electric and hydrogen vehicles that run for more than 320,000 miles (514,990 km).

DHL Group has EV Center of Excellence locations in several other locations around the world, including Batam (Indonesia), Mexico City (Mexico), Dubai (the UAE), and Valley Cross (the UK).


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