Ekoenergetyka increases production output at its headquarters in Poland

The Polish charging infrastructure provider Ekoenergetyka has opened a new production line at its headquarters in Zielona Góra, thanks to which an additional 50 electric vehicle chargers can now be built per shift.

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Ekoenergetyka has said that it will now be able to double its production speed thanks to its new line. Initially, the new production line is expected to produce 50 chargers per eight-hour shift, with this figure set to increase to 90 units by the beginning of 2025. Ekoenergetyka is also planning to further automate the production line next year with the introduction of industrial robots for certain parts of the production process.

The Polish company says the new line is part of its strategic plan to expand its production capacities, responding to the strong demand for chargers. Ekoenergetyka says that the high demand is partly due to the European Union’s Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), which sets minimum requirements for the availability of publicly accessible charging infrastructure. Ekoenergetyka has been able to double its turnover year on year according to the company’s headquarters in Zielona Góra.

The company’s expansion course is supported by Enterprise Investors, a leading Central European private equity fund, which acquired a significant minority stake in 2022, according to the company. The fund has announced that it intends to invest more than 45 million euros in e-mobility projects.

The company was founded in 2009 and now claims to provide 20 per cent of municipal charging stations to the electric bus market. The company is also increasingly targeting the private market for which it unveiled its new Axon Easy 400 HPC charging station in December. Last year, Ekoenergetyka announced contracts to supply charge point operators (CPOs) providing services to individual drivers, including Portugal-based Powerdot, which offers more than 3,500 charging points; Ionity, owned by carmakers including Audi, BMW, Ford, Hyundai-Kia and Porsche; and PKN Orlen, Poland’s largest fuel retailer, which also operates in Czechia and Germany.

“This assembly line demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement in response to the changing demands of this growing market,” says Bartosz Kubik, CEO of Ekoenergetyka.”Our new line is an important step in moving away from bench-top assembly. It will increase efficiency by increasing speed, reducing the risk of errors and making them faster and cheaper to rectify.”

Ekoenergetyka inaugurated the new line this week with guests from the CharIN Testival – a rotating event for interoperability testing in electric vehicle charging. Ekoenergetyka hosted the latest edition of the event.

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