Encore for storage units from electric car batteries in Lünen and Elverlingsen

Mercedes-Benz, Getec Energie and The Mobility House are extending the life cycle of their two large-scale stationary storage systems made from vehicle batteries in Lünen and Elverlingsen by another five years. The renewed extension of utilisation thus stands for the durability of the 2nd Life approach.

Image: The Mobility House

The Munich-based technology company The Mobility House (TMH) has announced that the storage facilities in Lünen and Elverlingsen, which have been in operation since 2016 and 2018 respectively, have once again been prequalified for the provision of primary control power. Over 2,000 reconditioned battery modules from the two storage facilities developed and supplied by Mercedes-Benz Energy will therefore continue to provide 29 MW of power and 31 MWh of energy to stabilise the electricity grid and achieve independence from fossil fuel power plants.

As part of the inspection of stationary battery storage systems by the transmission system operators, demanding criteria must be met in order to remain active in the market for primary control power. “These include, in particular, sufficient storage capacity as well as stable and rapid power adjustment,” TMH explains. Despite having already been used for five years in stationary storage and partly upstream in electric cars, the batteries have once again passed this demanding qualification. The Munich-based company describes the very stable storage capacity confirmed in this process as proof of the low ageing of electric car batteries when managed “correctly”.

According to The Mobility House, this management is ensured by the company’s own intelligent marketing and operating algorithms. The professional technical concept of Mercedes-Benz Energy is also the basis for long-term reutilisation. The Mercedes subsidiary develops and sells complete stationary storage solutions that are used in industrial applications and as grid-supporting solutions. The third partner in the alliance is Getec Energie GmbH, which supports business customers in the sustainable procurement and marketing of energy via a B2B platform.

The three partners emphasised that the two storage projects cover the entire battery value and utilisation chain: from the production and processing of the battery systems by Mercedes-Benz Energy, to the installation and marketing of the stationary battery storage system on the energy markets by The Mobility House and Getec.

“We are pleased that our storage systems have been requalified. This confirms that our algorithms and trading strategies not only bring high revenues but also make the best possible use of batteries with minimal aging,” says Marcus Fendt, Managing Director at The Mobility House. “With our partners in the automotive industry, we have thereby made significant progress. We are now offering our expertise to owners of large-scale and industrial storage systems as well – and soon, we will also be commercially implementing this as Vehicle-to-Grid technology for the benefit of our customers.”

For Norman Möhler, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH, the close integration of the energy and automotive industries is essential for a sustainable energy industry. “The intelligent use of automotive battery systems represents an approach which is of ecological importance – not least in terms of resource efficiency. The renewed prequalification of the energy storage system confirms that our technologies continue to meet industrial requirements for longevity and safety even after years. These core competencies make our complete stationary storage solutions applicable to a wide range of applications.”

Cord Wiesner, spokesman for Getec’s management, also states that the demand from the company’s own industrial customers for green electricity has increased enormously in recent years. “From our perspective, providing innovative primary control reserve services is an important complement to the continuous expansion of our range of sustainable energy products. Sufficient grid stability is the basic prerequisite for the success of the energy transition.”



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