Charging provider Atlante expands partnership with Groupe Duval

The fast-charging operator Atlante wants to equip 130 locations with fast and ultra-fast charging stations in partnership with the property company Groupe Duval. A total of 1,200 charging points are to be installed in France.

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This adds a new dimension to the partnership between Groupe Duval and Atlante, which began in April 2023 with the signing of a contract for 188 fast-charging stations. Around 30 of these charging points are now installed in Groupe Duval properties where major retail chains such as Aldi, Biogroup, L’Appart Fitness, Decathlon, Burger King, GIFI, KIABI, Basic Fit and others are located.

During a visit to one of the locations, drivers can charge the batteries of their e-cars with green electricity while shopping or eating, thus “optimizing the time spent at Groupe Duval’s commercial, living and leisure areas”, as the press release states.

The stations are accessible to people with reduced mobility, open around the clock, compatible with all charging standards and can be used with the charging cards or apps of the usual roaming providers. Payment by credit card is also possible.

Stefano Terranova, CEO of Atlante, said: “We have entered into a long-term partnership with Groupe Duval, a definite leader in the commercial real estate sector, with whom we share the values of innovation and sustainability. By joining forces, we are offering the best charging experience to current and future EV users in France, thus accelerating the roll-out of Europe’s next great energy revolution.”

Pauline Duval, Director of Groupe Duval, said: “Our family-owned group is particularly sensitive to the environmental impact of its activities and now has, with Atlante, the opportunity to set up a national green charging network for electric vehicles and to raise awareness among our store customers about soft mobility. Over and above the real impact that this partnership will have on reducing of our carbon footprint, this new service is at the heart of our core values of agility and innovation.”

Atlante is developing the largest fast-charging network in Southern Europe, powered by 100 per cent renewable energy and complemented by on-site energy storage and photovoltaics. By 2025, 5,000 fast and ultra-fast charging points are to be installed in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and over 35,000 by 2030.

Atlante has been active since October 2021 and today has more than 2,000 charging points in operation in its four countries and thousands more under construction and development. Atlante builds on the technological heritage of the NHOA Group, including through its collaboration with sister company Free2move eSolutions, and is the preferred charging network of Stellantis, which has Atlante charging points installed at its dealerships.


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