Evri to increase electric fleet

British parcel delivery service Evris wants to triple the number of electric bikes in its fleet, and increase the number of electric vehicles by roughly 50 per cent. And that is just the beginning.

Image: Evri/PA

Evri announced that it would invest 19 million pounds in sustainability in the coming years to reduce emissions and essentially become a net-zero company by 2ß25. It currently has 33 electric cargo bikes in its fleet. Over the coming year, that number will grow to 99. By 2035, the company even wants to have 3,000 electric cargo bikes in its fleet.

The CEP provider is active in London, Bristol, Oxford, and Cambridge, where it already delivers 1.5 million parcels with electric vehicles per year. It hopes to increase that number to around four million parcels by the end of next year.

But back to the electric cargo-bikes. Each has a capacity of around 2,000 litres and will be used for last mile deliveries. According to Evri, the bikes could potentially safe emissions “equivalent to driving over 400,000 miles as the fleet grows.”

“Pedal power will rev up our efforts to reimagine parcel deliveries in the UK as we aim to become the biggest operator of e-cargo bikes in the sector,” says Chief Executive Martijn De Lange. “The £19 million investment announced today will lay the groundwork for Evri to dial up on its ambition to become the UK’s most sustainable parcel carrier.”

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