CASE CE introduces electric wheel loader

CASE Construction Equipment has unveiled the 12EV, an electric compact wheel loader that demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainable applications and alternative fuel solutions.

Image: CASE Construction Equipment

The 12EV is a 3.8-tonne wheel loader and has the same power as its diesel counterpart. With a cobalt-free 23 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the machine has a payload with pallet forks of 1.15 tonnes. With separate electric motors for the driveline and the implement pump, the loader responds faster to the controls.

The 23 kWh battery gives the 12EV an operating time of three to six hours, depending on the application. The 12EV comes with a standard 230-volt charger that can be used to recharge the battery overnight. It can also be charged with an optional 400-volt fast charger, which takes just one hour to charge the battery from 20 to 80 per cent. According to CASE, charging during the lunch break would allow the EV12 to be used all day in many application scenarios.

The machine utilises two electric motors: A 17 kW motor drives the axles, while a 22 kW motor powers the hydraulic system for the loader arms and the bucket cylinder. Three driving modes allow the driver to adapt the machine to the task at hand to extend battery life. A fourth operating mode is fully customisable by the operator, allowing them to select the desired response and adapt energy consumption to the job site.

The electric compact wheel loader can be used in confined areas such as residential construction, tunnelling and in sensitive environments, in agriculture and horticulture, urban construction and in areas that require quiet operation, such as residential buildings, hospitals and night work.

The 12EV is the third battery electric series model from CASE Construction Equipment after the CX15EV and CX25EV mini excavators. These two mini excavators, weighing 1.5 and 2.5 tonnes respectively, are powered by 21.5kWh and 32.3kWh battery packs, which enable autonomous operation throughout the shift.

In 2020, CASE introduced another electric wheel loader, and in recent months, a number of manufacturers have introduced electric excavators. Suncar from Switzerland has presented a 6-tonne electric excavator. Chinese manufacturer Sany is bringing an electric excavator to Europe for the first time. Volvo Construction Equipment, or Volvo CE for short, also recently presented new wheel loaders and excavators that are powered purely by electricity. The Japanese construction machinery manufacturer Komatsu also presented a new electric excavator in January.

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Michael ,T. Cribbin
03.07.2024 um 09:59
Amazing machine! ! No fumes in confined spaces, no noise , no carrying cans or supplies of fuel all day every day, great lifting power etc. And no noise in cab for driver !! But does it have a horn to warn other workers a :silent M/C is about ? But not sure of "cost V a diesel. .M/C.

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