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Dec 14, 2022 - 02:49 pm

Panasonic to supply batteries for Lucid

Lucid Motors has signed a supply agreement for battery cells with Panasonic Energy. The Panasonic batteries will be installed in both the Lucid Air and the upcoming Gravity SUV. Until now, the cells came from LG.

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Nov 17, 2022 - 02:06 pm

Orange EV to establish HQ in Kansas City

US American electric truck manufacturer Orange EV has announced it will establish its new corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations in the Turner Logistics Center, an industrial park under construction in Kansas City.

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Oct 31, 2022 - 03:18 pm

Panasonic prepares to launch US battery factory construction

The Japanese company Panasonic has scheduled the start of construction of its new battery cell factory in the US state of Kansas for November 2022. It will be Panasonic’s second battery factory for electric vehicles in the USA after the Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, which is operated jointly with Tesla.

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Aug 29, 2022 - 11:52 am

Panasonic considers another battery plant in the US

Tesla supplier Panasonic is looking to build another battery cell factory in the USA. After the Japanese company confirmed a plant in Kansas in July, media reports suggest Panasonic is looking at a similar facility in Oklahoma.

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Jul 14, 2022 - 03:02 pm

Panasonic to build battery cell factory in Kansas

Panasonic will probably build its new US battery factory, where the new 4680 cells for Tesla are to be produced, in Kansas. It is clear that Panasonic wants to build a battery factory there and that the funding application has already been approved – only which cells are to be built there is not yet […]

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Jun 3, 2022 - 01:12 pm

Ford to invest $3.7 billion in US production

Ford has announced an investment of 3.7 billion dollars in its production in the US states of Michigan, Ohio and Missouri. With the equivalent of 3.4 billion euros, the production of electric cars is to be strengthened and 6,200 new jobs created.

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Jan 18, 2017 - 09:13 am

Swedavia, Lotte Mart, Toyota, CitiPark, Kansas.

500 to 600 EV chargers for Swedish airports: Swedavia, who operates ten airports in Sweden, wants to install some 500 to 600 EV chargers at its locations in the coming three years. It signed a deal with local infrastructure provider Rexel Sverige AB. Some 120 chargers are already installed at the country’s airports.

Charging Lotte Mart locations : The South Korean department store chain announced that it will equip all of its 119 locations with charging stations for electric vehicles by the end of the year. Customers will then be able to plug in as 141 fast- and three regular chargers.

Demonstrating fuel cell technology: Toyota is working with Air Liquide, Masdar and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), evaluating the use of hydrogen fuel in the United Emirates. Diving a fuelling demonstrations with the Toyota Mirai are part of the project and will kick off in May.

Park and charge: British car park operator CitiPark now offers 16 EV chargers, as well as three Tesla Destination Chargers at its facility in Leeds. CitiPark wants to have a total of 41 EV charging spot up and running in Leeds and other cities before the end of the year.

Park and fly: A total of 27 charging stations for EVs with two charging points each have been installed in two long-term parking garages at the Kansas City International Airport.

Sep 21, 2016 - 07:58 am

WiTricity, Lohr Group, Spiri, Chargepoint, Kansas, WestSmart EV.

11 kW wireless charging? WiTricity and Prodrive are working on an inductive charging system for EVs for a “leading European carmaker” who has not been named. The 11 kW system is scheduled for release by 2019. The foundational magnetic resonance intellectual property will come from WiTricity.
greencarcongress.com, businesswire.com

Electric shuttle: French Lohr Group has prepared to go the last mile electrically as it presented the Le Cristal in Berlin. The compact electric bus seats five but can extend its load by coupling up to four of its kind. Its range was given at 150 km and testing is to commence in Strasbourg next year.
morgenpost.de (in German)

Sharing is the motto of Danish start-up Spiri as well, who presented a prototype as planned. The light-weight EV (450 kilos) has been developed by engineers from both Aston Martin and Tesla and shall serve in a new carpooling service. Obviously, the EV is well connected.

Waitlist: ChargePoint introduced a new service for EV drivers faced with occupied charging stations. Instead of waiting in front of it, signing up for ‘Waitlist’ enables drivers to be alerted via their mobile phones or RFID card once the charging station becomes available.

1,000 charging stations rejected: Kansas regulators have stopped an initiative by utility Kansas City Power & Light to install 1,000 EV charging stations. The authorities found the plan too expensive but also doubted its environmental benefits and said data was missing.

DC charging for 3 states: Rocky Mountain Power has applied for a 4m dollar federal grant to set up an EV fast-charging corridor along the Interstate 15, 80, 84, and 70. If the ‘WestSmart EV’ programme goes through, drivers could traverse Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

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14.12.2022 14:12