Panasonic plans battery production in the USA

Image: Tesla

Panasonic wants to buy land in the USA for a ‘mega-factory’ to produce the new 4680 cells for Tesla. According to media reports, two states are under consideration.

The information was reported by the Japanese broadcasting company NHK. According to their unnamed sources, Panasonic plans to acquire land in either Oklahoma or Kansas and invest “several billion dollars” to build the factory. However, the report does not specify more exact sums. The timetable for the start of construction and commissioning to the possible plant is still unclear.

The 4680 cells produced there are most likely to be delivered to the Tesla factory in Texas, which relies on this new cell type. The Model Y built in Texas with the 4680 cells are probably about to be delivered, and later the Tesla Semi electric truck and the Cybertruck electric pickup are also to be built there with the cells. For the current Model Y production, Tesla is using its own 4680 production facility in Fremont, California.

A few days ago, Panasonic had already officially announced that it would build a production facility for 4680 cells at its plant in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. However, the announcement and the current NHK report do not provide further details about the properties and the exact chemistry of Panasonic’s 4680 cells.


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