Revel to open five new fast charging hubs in NY

Image: Revel

The Brooklyn-based electric mobility and infrastructure company Revel has announced plans to develop and open five new fast-charging ‘Superhubs’ in New York City, adding a total of 136 public charging stalls to New York’s EV infrastructure.

Similarly to Revel’s flagship Superhub in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the five new charging sites will be open around the clock and accessible to any brand of EV. Effectively, this means that the chargers are equipped with CHAdeMO, CCS1 and Tesla charging plugs. The sites will be equipped with ultrafast charging capable of charging an EV in 10-20 minutes. The Maspeth, Port Morris, South Williamsburg and Lower East Side sites will open to the public by the end of 2023, while the Red Hook site will open in 2024. For a better overview, Revel has set up an interactive digital charging map of New York City on their website.

“The only way mass EV adoption will ever happen in New York City is if the charging infrastructure is there to support it,” said Revel CEO & Co-Founder Frank Reig. “We need high-volume, public sites in the neighbourhoods where people actually live and work, and that’s
exactly what Revel is delivering with our growing Superhub network. This is the biggest fast charging expansion our city has ever seen, and it’s a huge step toward making our EV transition a reality.”

Charging infrastructure is somewhat new for the New York-based company, which had first entered the e-mobility scene with an electric scooter-sharing programme in 2019, shortly before launching a fleet of said scooters in Austin, Texas. Following the deaths of two riders in New York in 2020, the company suspended service and came back a year later with plans to launch a fleet of electric taxis in New York. Following some regulatory issues, the company launched the fleet in Texas in August of the same year.

Early in 2022, Revel managed to gather $126 million in funding via a Series B round led by BlackRock. This clearly went into the charging technology that Revel is now launching in their native city, which had since garnered additional funding.