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Electric vehicle sales in Great Britain: ups and downs

The market for electric cars or all plug-ins in the UK has been a tough one. The former grande auto nation remains reluctant to buy into e-mobility, partly because models with left-hand drive were slow to arrive. But when they did, sales went up as our graph shows.



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SMMT, ChargePoint, Bosch, Tesla, China.

UK market electrified: In June, Brits bought 2,284 plug-in vehicles, 909 of which were purely electric. Most of them were Leafs. SMMT confirmed that Nissan now holds a 63.3% market share. No wonder the plug-in car grant could reach its 50,000 limit before the end of the year, since 34,126 cars have already been registered.
smmt.co.uk (June), electriccarsreport.com (Nissan), theguardian.com (Plug-In Grant)

Home charger via Amazon: ChargePoint will make its EV charger for domestic appliances available via the online retail giant later this summer. On Amazon, prices for the station range from 400 – 749 dollars, depending on power level, installation type and cord length.

Bosch fast charger via GM: Bosch has introduced the Power DCPlus DC fast-charger in the U.S., where it will cost less than 10,000 dollars. It has the SAE J1772 DC Combo connector and charges with 24 kW. It can be ordered through GM’s Dealer Equipment Program and is ChargePoint enabled.

End of free charging for Tesla in China? A sign next to a destination charger in Beijing indicates a utility and service fee of up to 15 yuan (about 2,50 dollars). Presumably, only third-party vehicles will be charged, as the last line on the the sign reads that charging is open to other brands. However, Tesla has not confirmed or clarified the information.
leiphone.com (in Chinese) via shanghaiist.com via valuewalk.com

Charge lot reserved: The Chinese cites of Shanghai and Guangzhou require newly built residence buildings to reserve 10% and 18% for EV charging on the parking lot, respectively. In Beijing, a similar regulation also includes public sites, as the third Beijing car lottery just authorised 6,454 people to drive EVs.

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EV and hybrid registrations in the UK.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) registered 2,512 all-electric and 1,072 plug-in hybrids sold in the UK in 2013. Furthermore, the British bought almost 30,000 hybrids last year, of which 3,114 had a diesel and 26,017 a gas engine.
smmt.co.uk (Motor Industry Facts paper as pdf)

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