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Simulation before regulation: In its new “Strategy for reducing Heavy-Duty Vehicles’ fuel consumption and CO2 emissions” paper, the EU Commission lays out its plans to reduce carbon emissions of trucks, buses and coaches. In a first step, a newly developed computer simulation tool called VECTO will monitor, certify and report CO2 emissions by HDVs before legislation to actually cut carbon will eventually be introduced., (EU commission)

Model S to be converted: Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE) confirmed it will offer the Tesla Model S in soft-top convertible, hard-top convertible, and two-door coupé variants. NCE had originally planned to order 5,000 units directly from Tesla (we reported) but due to high global demand, existing Model S drivers will have to bring in their cars.

When worlds collide: While some dream of getting their hands on a Porsche, Robert Llewellyn was a bit overwhelmed by the Panamera SE Hybrid. Understandably so, as he usually drives a Nissan Leaf. But after a few days the EV advocate managed, what he called the “German built monster,” reasonably well.

New Smart e-bike editions: Mercedes DTM team drivers are the first to ride the latest edition of the Smart pedelec. It now comes in orange as well as in black. Apart from new colours, the Smart e-bike comfort comes with suspension fork, comfort saddle and high handlebars for 2,899 euros.,

Diesel pollution kills: An OECD report on the deaths related to air pollution deciphers the cost for advanced economies plus China and India at 3.5 trillion dollars a year. In OECD countries, around half the damage comes from road transport, with diesel vehicles producing the most harmful emissions. More than 3.5 million people die each year from air pollution worldwide., (download the report)

Mitsubishi at Pikes Peak: The Japanese are once again gearing up for the famous uphill race and this time they are sending a specialist to support their driver Hiroshi Masuoka. Greg Tracey has won Pikes Peak six times on a motorcycle, so winning in an EV based on i-MiEV technology should be a piece of cake, right?!


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