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Supercharger connection? It looks like BMW might be joined by Nissan in its open approach to Tesla, the ‘Financial Times’ reports. The Japanese carmaker has been talking with the Californians, too, and rumour has it that all three mayor manufacturers might indeed join forces to create charge points to be used by all.,,

McLaren to build track-only P1: McLaren now confirmed to be working on a powerful race car called P1 GTR (we reported). Its hybrid drive is said to come with 1,000 hp and is currently being developed. At the same time, Ferrari is working on the LaFerrari XX, a race version of its hybrid supercar La Ferrari.,

Tesla-Model-XModel X coming up: Reservation holders for the Tesla Model X received an email confirming the arrival of the first cars in early 2015. The electric SUV will now definitively get all-wheel drive, an optional third row and the much-anticipated gull-wing doors.

It looks like the latest TV spot for VW’s E-Golf is essentially a copy of Ford’s 2013 clip for its EcoBoost technology. Both videos show a man nostalgically saying goodbye to its local gas station. The concept, however, dates even further back and was first used by Chevrolet to advertise its Cruze. (VW), (Ford), (Chevrolet)

Differences explained: Luke Ottaway compared the working principle of Chevy’s Volt and the BMW i3 REx. He dubs both as “plug-in hybrids” even though he later admits that the i3 “is primarily a pure electric car.”


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