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Volvo-XC90Plug-in hybrid made in Sweden: Volvo has released details on the new XC90’s powertrain. The SUV, set for 2015, will be powered by the ‘Twin Engine.’ A 2.0-litre engine, both super- and turbocharged, will drive the front wheels, while the rear wheels are driven by an 80-hp electric motor with an electric range of 25 miles. In total, the system delivers 294 kW and 640 Nm torque.
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Smart start? The next-generation Smart fortwo is set to be unveiled on the 16th of July and is already featured in a video preview by the Daimler subsidy. If and when a new electric version will be released or if the Smart forfour will eventually get an ‘ED’ behind its name remains a matter of speculation.
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Trademark troubles in China: Chinese Zhan Baosheng has appealed last year’s decision which saw a Chinese court supporting the Californian carmaker’s claim to its name. Zhan, who had registered ‘Te Si La’ as his trademark, is now suing Tesla to seize all sales in China and is asking for 23.9 million yuan (3.9m dollars) in compensation. One more time, courts will have to decide.

U.S. Leaf 2015: Nissan has released pricing of its updated electric model for the States. There, the new Leaf will be available from 29,010 dollars before incentives and thus sees a slight price increase from 30 to 100 dollars depending on specification.
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BMW i3 solar panel package: The Canadian arm of the German carmaker is encouraging its customers to put solar panels on their house roofs. Buyers of the i3 will receive a ten-percent discount off the price of 20,000 dollars for the solar installation by Pure Energies Group.


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