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IBM, Zero Motorcycles, India, Leshi, ZBoard, Mitsubishi.

IBM is eyeing electric transport: The IT corporation received a patent for managing EV charging and related transactions, and it is not the first of IBM’s e-mobility aspirations. In November, IBM signed an agreement with ASELSAN to develop metal-air batteries for electric vehicles.
ipwatchdog.com, bloomberg.com

Zero-PoliceZero takes up speed: Electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero reports record sales in 2014 and expects growth to continue this year. Especially sales to police patrol fleets have been taking off, while Zero Motorcycles strives to further expands its market internationally.

Indian push for EVs: According to a media report, India may spend Rs.1,400 crore (about 224 million dollars) over the next two years on incentives and subsidies for makers and buyers of electric vehicles as part of an effort to have at least six million EVs on the country’s roads by 2020.

Expert recruited: Internet company Leshi, that strives to build electric cars for the Chinese market, recruited Lv Zhengyu, who held managing positions at carmaker Infiniti before. At Leshi, he will take the lead of the electric supercar project.

Electric skateboard: ZBoard is running a crowdfunding campaign to issue its second generation electric skateboard. The ZBoard 2 is lighter and faster than its predecessor and comes in two versions. Top speed for both is 20 mph while ranges between 16 and 24 miles are given. Prices start at 999 dollars.
ubergizmo.com, indiegogo.com (campaign)

Outlander PHEV test: Nigel Donnelly delivers an update from his long-term testing of the Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid. Once he got to grip with the “various quirks” of the electric system, he found the Outlander PHEV a very “practical” ride around town.


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