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Volvo-Electric-BusNew electric bus: Volvo presents its first fully electric bus at this year’s UITP show in Milan. Despite being slightly shorter than regular buses (10.7 metres), it can carry up to 86 passengers. Serial production for the electric model is scheduled for 2017.

BYD Tang launched: The latest PHEV SUV of the Chinese carmaker is now available in China. The basic model sells for 518,800 yuan (83,500 dollars), while the limited ‘Ultimate Edition’ is a little more expensive. The hybrid Tang SUV boasts 505 hp generated by three engines, two of them electric.

Even lower leases: Nissan is offering a credit of up to 7,000 dollar to those buying their Leaf at the end of a lease agreement. This follows a similar offer from a few weeks ago in the run up of the release of the 2016 Leaf model this autumn.

Twizy Canada bound: Renault has chosen the Azra Network as sole distributor for its small electric quad. Homologation procedures are underway and the seller is already taking orders for the EV that starts at about 17,000 CAD. Delivery is expected by September.

Will the Audi A3 e-tron arrive in the U.S. this autumn or is this just another rumour regarding plans for the sportback plug-in hybrid? At least the guys from Autospies are positive they got the date right, quoting port papers showing arrival dates on U.S. shores. via


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