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Nissan-Leaf-RenderingAnother Leaf: Nissan considers expanding its Leaf offering, Autocar reports, citing Nissan executive vice-president Trevor Mann. It is likely to be a compact SUV, but no details have been confirmed. Nissan is currently working on its next-gen Leaf, said to have nearly double the range.

New Audi A3 variant? The German carmaker plans on introducing an A3-based MPV to compete against the likes of the BMW 2 Active Tourer and the Mercedes B class. The mini van could hit the market by 2018 and would utilise the motor line up of the A3, which also includes a plug-in hybrid drivetrain for the e-tron.

Baby NSX: Honda is working on a smaller version of its hybrid NSX sports car and already filed a design patent. The junior NSX will also receive a hybrid drivetrain, however a less powerful one – 400 hp compared to now 550 hp. It will probably be produced alongside the NSX (Acura) in Ohio.

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Electric CV by Tata: Indian Tata Motors has confirmed its plans to introduce hybrid and electric versions of its small commercial vehicle Ace. When these will be ready to hit the market has not been confirmed.

e-Golf review: The electric Golf is gold, thinks Peter Braun, who tested Volkswagen’s electrified best-seller and claims it to be the best EV he has ever driven. His only worry is the range and limited motor power when overtaking on a highway.

Tesla is taking orders for the Model X Down Under. While the new EV is to be unveiled soon in the USA, Australian buyers will have to wait until this time next year to get it. To reserve a Model X, a fully refundable deposit of 6,000 dollars is required.


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