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400-km range Leaf in Tokyo: Nissan will present the Leaf II Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, Motoring reports, quoting insiders. Featuring better batteries, an improved drivetrain and alloy body parts to make it lighter, the next-gen EV is to boast 400 km of range. The technology will then be transferred to an electric Nissan SUV and an Infiniti sedan. Those will be presented in Tokyo in 2017, and might already go up to 500 km on one charge.

Chevy Volt delayed: GM’s new Volt will see a later nationwide rollout than initially planned, a graphic for dealers reveals. While the Volt will arrive in 11 states that adhere to emissions rules set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) this year already, all others will have to wait until February, but will then receive model year 2017 cars.

Peugeot 3008 in the spotlight: Pictures show a heavily camouflaged crossover by the French carmaker. But not a solely gas-savouring one, as German Auto Motor Sport reports. The diesel hybrid is being replaced with a petrol plug-in, which is said to drive 50 kilometres electrically. (in German),

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e-mobilBW_ESW-Projekt-OPTIFELIOOptimised production of battery casings: The new project of the leading edge cluster Electric Mobility South-West “OptiFeLio” is dedicated to reducing production costs in the manufacturing of cell casings for pouch and prism cells. Already existing production methods are being upgraded.

All-electric Volvo bus premiere: The Swedish manufacturer will unveil its 7900 Electric bus at the Busworld show in Kortrijk, Belgium, this October. It is the brand’s first serially electric bus. It feature regenerative breaking technology and is charged at bus stops. Six minutes of charging provide 10 km range.

Daimler Bus is also electrifying, says head of the division Hartmut Schick. The bus will be presented in 2018 and will quickly move on into serial production, especially as Daimler Bus can implement technology already used across the corporation, including fuel cells. (in German)

The ‘Future’ Down Under: Toyota will introduce the Mirai FCV in Australia from the 6th World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in Sydney in early October. However, the right-hand drive version will not be available to Australians anytime soon.


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