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Nissan-Leaf-2016-BronzeThe new Leaf: Nissan has made it official. The 2016 Leaf will feature a 30 kWh battery for the SV and SL variant, allowing it to go 155 miles on one charge, says the Japanese carmaker. EPA ratings put range at 107 miles. The new battery, which is not available for the standard version, comes with an 8-year warranty. In the UK, the Leaf will start from 24,490 pounds and in the States from 32,400 dollars. (U.S.), (UK)

Tesla-fighter by BMW? The rumoured i5 might be very different than expected, suggests. The Bavarian’s third electric car might in fact resemble a Tesla rather than a simple 5-series sedan, and could be powered by a fuel cell by 2020., (in Spanish)

Brains for smart EV: Chinese LeTV has hired former Shanghai GM President Ding Lei for its electric vehicle project (we reported). He will be joined by Allen Lu, who ran Nissan’s Infiniti division in China. LeTV says, it would show its first concept smart EV at next year’s Beijing Auto Show.

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TUEV SUED 2015TÜV SÜD is playing a key role in developing the new batteries with its global network of battery testing centres. Electromobility will be one of numerous focal subjects for the international service provider’s presence at the 2015 IAA, held from 17 – 27 September in Frankfurt / Main. Further subjects addressed by TÜV SÜD at the trade show will include automated driving, damage management services and services related to vehicle development. Visit us – also here

Visionary Gran Turismo? Hyundai is teasing its ‘N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo’ once more and this time promises “sustainable technology” under the hood of the digital car. If that means a hybrid or even purely electric drivetrain will be unveiled at the IAA next week.,

In with the old: Tesla lets customers in Hong Kong trade in their old cars when purchasing a Model S. The offer is valid for both Model S owners and owners of other passenger cars, but is exclusive to clients in the former British protectorate.


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