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BMW-i3-Smart-HomeElectric shift at BMW: Harald Krüger, CEO of BMW, sets sail for an electric future in an interview with German Handelsblatt. As diesel becomes increasingly uneconomical, the i3 as well as i8 models will be further developed and eventually joined by another electric model. Krüger further announced the introduction of fuel cell technology at BMW with the help of Toyota. BMW will set out its strategy for the coming ten years next spring.

Mitsubishi to electrify USA: The Japanese carmaker rethinks its positioning in the States as it promises the Outlander PHEV by mid-2016 and a fully electric version by 2019. Furthermore, three future crossovers will receive electrified drive trains. The i-MiEV, however is likely to be discontinued.

Electric Citroën: Once teased during the IAA, the French carmaker is finally ready to unveil the e-Mehari on 7 Dec at COP21 currently taking place in Paris. Rumours suggest the new EV might be a convertible. Launch is set for March 2016.

Range extended Nissan EV: By 2016, Nissan plans to reveal what it calls a “serial hybrid” or range extender, Motoring reports. The small motor will only serve to charge the battery of an electric car, which is yet to be introduced. The Leaf is to remain solely electric.

Battery swap range: Korean Leo Motors presents five new electric vehicles that range from an electric cargo one-seater, over a delivery and garbage truck to two electric fishing boats. All these EVs can only be acquired without battery as the firm introduces its so-called Battery Swap Centres.

Wage war at BYD: The Chinese EV maker has been accused of not paying a living wage to its workers in Los Angeles by a coalition of labour groups. BYD denies the allegations and defends its pay levels by pointing to an exemption in its agreement with the city. The latter is investigating the case.


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