Jun 28, 2016 - 08:11 am

Volkswagen, China, Mitsubishi, Tesla, Volvo, Bultaco.

VW plans big in China: The German carmaker is to invest up to 20bn euros in 10 battery plants as VW now projects homemade demand for cells in the range of 150 GWh. The first of such facilities may be build in China, Automotive News quotes a source close to senior management, who expects electric mobility to “catch on there as a trend much sooner given the government’s relentless push.”

Investing in China may become easier as decision makers in Beijing consider to lift the 50 percent cap on stakes foreign manufacturers can hold in a joint venture with a Chinese company. The move would allow carmakers like Volkswagen to control their operations in China more freely.

Mitsubishi-Ground-Tourer-ConceptTeasing the next Outlander: Mitsubishi is to present the Ground Tourer Concept plug-in hybrid at the Paris Motor Show this autumn. A first image shows a streamlined silhouette of the SUV study that previews the next-gen Outlander PHEV.
greencarcongress.com, carscoops.com

Model S 75 now in the U.S.: Tesla expands its portfolio as the Model S 75 featuring a rear drive and 75 kWh battery becomes available as standalone offer in the States. Prices for the version, that has previously been offered in the USA as an upgrade only, start at 74,500 dollars.

More affordable V60 Hybrid: Volvo introduces the hybrid V60 with a D5 Twin Engine in the UK. Prices for the D5 hybrid start from 37,500 GBP and 35,000 GBP with the government grant for PHEV. That is considerably less than the 45,000 pound one has to pay for the D6 Twin Engine version.
carsuk.net, nextgreencar.com

Bultaco expands its line-up: The Spanish firm launches road legal versions of its Brinco e-bike. While the first Brinco was for off-road use only, the R-E is classified as moped at 45 kph and the Brico C is a 25 kph pedelec. Both are electronically limited as the motor remains the same 2kW.


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