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Renault, Mercedes, Tesla, Corvette, Kia, BMW.

Renault-KWIDRenault to build EVs with Russia? Rosseti, a Russian utility provider is in talks with Renault for setting up a local production afacility for electric cars. The Moscow region in particular is seen as potent market, where up to 110,000 units could be sold by 2020. By 2030, up to 300,000 EVs could roam Russia, said Roman Berdnikov, Rosseti’s director. Renault has not commented., (in Russian)

Mercedes electric line substantiated: Daimler is pushing its plans for new electric models. Insiders speak of two electric SUV and two sedan set for launch within this decade and under a dedicated electric sub-brand. The first EV will be build in Bremen together with the fuel cell GLC.

Tesla to scale up: 2,200 EV per week shall leave the lines in Fremont this quarter. For Q4 their number is set to increase to 2,400 units, Tesla plans. The company has struggled to fulfil projected production in Q2 but still aims to deliver 50,000 Model S and X until the year’s end. On the energy front, Tesla plans to make its own inverters to connect its products to SolarCity – given the merger gets the go ahead. (production outlook), (SolarCity)

PHEV Corvette? Chevrolet is expected to launch edition no. 8 of its epic Corvette in 2019 and it looks as if there might be a plug-in hybrid version in the making. The idea has been inserted into the public sphere by former GM manager and outspoken car commentator Bob Lutz. via

Kia for Rio: The Korean carmaker plans a crossover version of its Rio supermini. The Rio SUV may arrive as a plug-in hybrid late next year with hybrid technology taken from the Niro.

BMW 740Le xDrive review: Hilton Holloway got to drive the hybrid luxury model, which he calls one of BMW’s “mightiest technical achievements to date.” Power is mainly down to the engine as the electric motor only works until it hits 50 mph. Holloway however finds the motor noise a “real issue.”


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