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Volvo, Toyota, Mazda, Tesla, Volkswagen, Oil companies.

Volvo-S90Volvo flagship is electric and Chinese: Geely’s Swedish prodigy presents two new S90 variants, the Excellence and a long version for China. Both will be offered as plug-in hybrid, while the Excellence will in fact be PHEV only. Volvo also announced a change of strategy as production will be largely outsourced to China, from where global demand shall be fulfilled henceforth.,

Toyota and Mazda EV? Both carmakers from Japan are in talks over closer cooperation in at least ten sectors, Mazda’s Executive Vice President Akira Marumoto revealed. One field may be electric cars but no definite statement has been issued yet.

Tesla news merger: Both the Model S and Model X are now available in Ireland. Also, Tesla conjured up suport for its merger with SolarCity as it points out financial benefits in a detailed blog post. Glas used in the Tesla Solar Roof will also feature in the Model 3. (Ireland), (merger), (glas)

Hybrid double decker: Volvo presents a hybrid double decker bus. The B5LHC Double Deck Electric Hybrid has a more powerful motor and stronger battery rated at 19kWh compared to Volvo’s 7900 standard version. The double decker sits 87 passengers and is open to charge at any opportunity.,

VW to exit rally sport: After Audi said goodbye to the WEC, Volkswagen is to quit the world rallying championship at the end of season 2017 as well. Again, the move is part of the carmakers cost-cutting exercise following the home made diesel fraud.,

Redemption fund: Seven oil mayors including Saudi Aramco, BP, Total, and Shell are joining forces to set up an investment fund for renewables as they seek to keep profiting despite the destruction they help create. The group belongs the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) and will announce details on Friday.

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