SK Innovation plans battery production in Hungary


Korean SK Innovation wants to invest 734m dollars into a new battery facility in Hungary. Construction at Komárom could start as early as February 2018. 

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Once the battery factory stands by 2020, it could produce 7 gWh per year, that is almost twice as much as SK Innovation’s facility in Korean Seosan manages which makes 3,9 GWh annually.

Still, SK Innovation has not confirmed Hungary as the chosen site for its new venture. The company did say though that indeed it wants to make cells in Europe and while the Czech Republic had entered the race as well, there are quite a few factors that speak for the Hungarian location.
First, Audi too has chosen Hungary to build electric cars (we reported) and the VW brand has already started to build all its electric motors in the town of Györ. Furthermore, both Suzuki and Continental can be found close by. Most important is though that one of SK Innovation’s best customers, Daimler is in Europe and all the batteries for the Mercedes plug-in hybrids are made by SK.

SK Innovation has not set a timeline for the decision. Once it is made however, all three mayor battery makers from Korea will produce their cells in Europe with LG Chem currently upgrading its plant in Poland and Samsung having set up shop in Hungarian Goed this last May. The lines shall roll from Q2 2018.

Update 30.11.2017: South Korean battery specialist SK Innovation has confirmed rumours about the installation of a battery cell facility in Hungary. Construction kick-off is scheduled for February 2018. The 430,000 sqm plant shall open in 2020 with a production capacity of 7.5 GWh annually. Besides that, SK Innovation also invests in its domestic battery production in Seosan and Jeungpyeong to achieve a cumulative output of 4.7 GWh per year., (update)


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