Jan 11, 2018 - 10:23 am

Porsche to build own platform for electric sports cars


The German brand intends to create an own electric platform called SPE to develop two-door sports cars and super sports vehicles, according to Automotive News. Also Audi and Lamborghini are said to benefit from the new architecture. 

However, first models based on the new platform won’t hit the road before 2025.

SPE will be the Volkswagen Group’s third architecture for electric cars next to its MEB and PPE platforms. While MEB shapes VW’s I.D. family as well as upcoming models of Skoda, Seat and Audi, the PPE architecture is a common project of Audi and Porsche, due to underpin three EV model families – two of Audi and one of Porsche. However, Porsche is planning to first ramp up its J1 platform for its upcoming MissionE model before focussing on the PPE and eventually much later on the SPE platform.


Among all VW subsidiaries, Porsche might be the most engaged one when it comes to electrification. Approximately 60 percent of all Panamera models in Europe are sold currently as a plug-in. The brand wants more than half of its volumes to have some form of electric propulsion by 2025.


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