Ford announces to build 40 electrified vehicles until 2022


The U.S. carmaker intends to invest 11bn dollars to launch 16 all-electric cars and 24 hybrid vehicles until 2022. That is what the group’s board just announced at the Detroit Auto Show.

Initially, Ford was less ambitious, targeting 13 electrified models by 2020 and an investment of 4.5bn dollars. To more than double the cash, Ford seeks to sort out slow-selling passenger cars and to use savings generated through shifting production of its Focus small car to China.

Further details about Ford’s electrification roadmap are rare, but there will be a hybrid version of the F-150 pickup and the Ford Mustang sports car as well as an all-electric performance SUV called Mach 1. All of them due in 2020. Responsible is the Team Edison, a division of specialists set up by Ford to deal with anything EV. Its tasks range from investments over partnerships and cooperations with suppliers.,, (Mach 1)


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