Hans Pehrson to lead Volvo’s EV brand Polestar


Hans Pehrson has been made Head of Research and Development and Electric Propulsion Strategy at Polestar. Pehrson has worked for over 30 years within the industry, and also on the first electric car of Volvo, the C30.

Polestar has been turned into a dedicated electric label under the Volvo and larger Geely roof in June 2017 (we reported).

With Hans Pehrson, a man with 30 years experience within the automotive industry has come on board. His positions included Technical Director for the Volvo C30 Electric, manager of Volvo Cars Electric Propulsion System Engineering and most recently supporting the London EV Company with the new London Taxi (LEVC).

London’s iconic black cab in its electric from continues to share technology with Volvo such as GKN’s e-axle (we reported).

Polestar is readying its first plug-in at the time of writing and wants to launch by mid-2019 (we reported). The Polestar 1 has been designed as a plug-in hybrid but claims an electric driving range of 150 kilometres on one charge. However, five all-electric models are scheduled for launch throughout 2021 and both Geely and Volvo are ready to invest hundreds of millions (we reported).



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