Nissan announces more details of Alliance 2022 BEVs


Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi have made their 12 planned BEVs a little more concrete. Nissan will have four fully electric vehicles under their brand, while Infiniti will run another two before 2022.

The previous coverage of the alliance told of 12 all-electric models, that will utilise shared platforms and components, and thus cover multiple segments. The details of what is planned by each of the manufacturers have yet to be revealed, but they will continue to branch out on their own.

The planned vehicles will be all-electric and thus not use Nissan’s range extended e-Power technology either, and will not feature any hybrid technology either for that matter.

In a separate statement, Nissan CEP Hiroto Saikawa revealed last month, that the combustion engine is done in Infiniti, and every new vehicle as of 2021 will either be an EV or extended hybrid incorporating the e-Power system.


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