150 kW charger by Clean Charge Solutions live in Copenhagen


CleanCharge Solutions ApS have set up a 150 kW quick charger in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district together with By&Havn. The station is located in a parking garage and part of Hubject’s Intercharge roaming network.

A 150 kW EV quick charger has gone live in the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen. CleanCharge Solutions claims it to be Denmark’s fastest EV charger. It sits in a parking garage, where it has been set up in cooperation with By&Havn, as part of the EnergyLab Nordhavn project.

The 150 kW charger is installed in P-house Lüders, where CleanCharge already operates a 50 kW quick charger as well as two 22 kW AC chargers. With the 150 kW charger, an EV can charge for a 100 km drive in 8 minutes, given the electric car is capable is able to charge that fast. To date, none is but Audi says its e-tron will be first to charge even faster once it hits the market later this year (we reported).

Soon however, Clean Charge Solution’s charger won’t be Denmark’s fastest charger anymore. We have discovered a HPC site by Ionity already last year, that is being installed in Danish Aabenraa.

The latter is on a motorway however and so this new fast-charger by Clean Charge Solutions is first to the urban sprawl. “Nordhavn is the sustainable city of the future, and at By & Havn we see the new, fast EV charging station as an obvious offer to the city’s motorists”, says Development Manager Rikke Faaborg Jarmer, By&Havn.

Claus Bildsøe Astrup, CEO of CleanCharge Solutions ApS, added that “the charging station is designed to provide access to consumption data and knowledge of the need for electricity charging in a new area of the city. This is particularly interesting in an area such as Nordhavn, where public transport through car share is a major part of the infrastructure.”

The charging station is available to the public, either through direct payment, by scanning the QR code at the charging point or by subscription from CleanCharge Solution. The charging points are also part of Hubject’s Intercharge roaming network.


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Claus Bildsoe Astrup
12.02.2018 um 11:18
As far as we know the HPC in Aabenraa has not yet been put into operation and thus the charger in Nordhavn is currently the fastest HPC in Denmark.

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