Daimler motor factory to turn into battery centre in Germany


Workers in Untertürkheim rejoice as Daimler announces to join its battery research with the facilities of its subsidiary Accumotive on site. Together the location will host what Daimler calls its competence centre for batteries within the larger push for e-mobility production hubs.

Daimler had started the discussion to “insource” the Accumotive unit previously and has now confirmed the step. The aim is to bundle all battery competencies in Untertürkheim. Accumotive’s 300 employees will now officially work for Daimler and get paid the actual tariff thanks to the workers council.

Overall, this is a strengthening of Daimler’s German production hubs.  Already last summer, Daimler’s management and the workers council struggled intensely about Untertürkheim becoming home to Mercedes’ fourth battery production as well as a hotspot for electric drives and components with more than 250 jobs to be generated. This has now become a reality.

Apart from batteries, the related agreement included assemblage of powertrain modules for EVs of the EQ brand and the creation of a “project house eATS” in order to gain additional know-how for the next electric drive systems.

This latest move comes only days after Daimler has broken ground for a new facility in German Sindelfingen, where it will build the upcoming EQ models. Untertürkheim is part of that same network of global production hubs Daimler is currently setting up as it pushes to make it into the electric era.

Apart from Sindelfingen and Untertürkheim, there are plants in German Rastatt as well as Tuscaloosa in the USA. China is on board too through BBAC, Daimler’s joint venture with BAIC in China. Last summer, Daimler also announced plans to build up local battery assembly with BAIC (we reported) which will then deliver the battery packs for the first EQ.

Daimler will also complete a second battery factory in Kamenz this year as preparations for the EQC at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen intensify as planned.

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