Tesla launches Workplace Charging initiative for firms


Tesla has launched its Workplace Charging scheme. Similar to its Destination Chargers at hotels and shopping malls, this latest initiative offers companies the free installation of a Tesla AC charger. The businesses only have to cover cost of electricity.

The new Workplace Charging scheme provides the same Tesla Wall Connectors for free that are used in the Destination and Urban Charging schemes. This time though, it focuses on parking lots at workplaces.

The company described the new programme in a statement as follows: “For qualified employers or commercial property managers who choose to provide an EV charging option, Tesla will review, donate their Tesla Wall Connectors and provide installation assistance. Energy costs will be the responsibility of the property.”

However, the workplace stations will not appear on Tesla’s onboard navigation system since they are meant for employees of those businesses only.

Interested businesses can apply on Tesla’s website.

Tesla has recently changed its Supercharger policies as it banned commercial clients such as fleet operators from its use for example (we reported). The idle fee is another instance of penalising those that block a DC charging stop. With the growing number of Model 3 expected to hit the road, the pressure on the Tesla network is only to increase.



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