Mar 2, 2018 - 12:56 pm

Mercedes-Benz EQC and GLC F-Cell undergo winter tests


Mercedes has starting testing its fuel cell plug in GLC F-Cell, which will be released on the market this year, as well as the battery electric EQC, which will be released next year, on a winter track in northern Sweden.

Before a new model is put into production by Mercedes-Benz, it must withstand rigorous testing: Next to the winter test in northern Sweden it must also pass summer tests in southern Europe and the USA, as well as endurance tests on a global variety of street conditions. This, of course also applies to the GLC F-Cell and the EQC, which is scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

  • mercedes-benz-eqc-erlkoenig-wintertests-01
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  • mercedes-benz-glc-f-cell-fuel-cell-brennstoffzelle-01
  • mercedes-benz-glc-f-cell-fuel-cell-brennstoffzelle-02

For electric vehicles, additional drive-specific tests must be passed, which are specifically designed for emerging drive technology. New challenges with electric cars include the battery performance during a cold start with a cold battery, or the cold start behavior of a fuel cell stack, as well as the range during normal traffic conditions, as well as the handling of the charging cables and prior acclimatization for the interior.,


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