BYD tackles renewables – new battery strategy


The Chinese EV maker BYD wants to increase its foothold in the market for renewable energy. The strategy includes advances in batteries such as the reduction of the use of rare earths as well as 2nd life scenarios.

In its latest press release BYD has become a self-described “renewable energy company” not unlike Tesla. For BYD this means they are to gradually increase the production of electric vehicle and energy storage batteries and reduce the proportion of rare earth material in the batteries. The plan was unveiled at Battery Japan 2018 as part of Tokyo‘s World Smart Energy Week. BYD also released a new solar module there.

Furthermore, BYD said it has begun to reuse batteries removed from decommissioned electric vehicles, recycling some for communication use in base stations, energy storage power stations, as well as other types of facilities and equipment. Batteries that cannot be re-used are disassembled.

Such battery recycling and 2nd life uses are required in China nowadays. The government in Beijing reportedly published new rules that hold makers of electric vehicles responsible to collect and recycle their batteries.

UPDATE March, 21: BYD appears quick to act upon Beijing’s call for recycling. Reuters reports BYD plans to open a battery recycling facility in Shanghai no later than in the upcoming Q2. While the plant is said to stand already, no details have been made public. (PI),


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